Why Hiring A Utility Locator, GPR Or A Concrete X-ray Scanner Is Important


In case you understand that concrete has a problem or weakness, you should not think of demolishing it.   The reason is that there are other ways you can identify the problem without interfering with it.   Some of the alternatives that you can use is the X-ray scanner or the ground penetrating radar.

In both cases you will realize that depending on the needs you have, each has its own advantages.  It is when you want to locate rebar or the post electrical cables that you use the X-ray scanner.  The WHO has classified the X rays as carcinogen and therefore when you use this technique you should evacuate everyone in the area.  The Riverside Utility Locating technicians doing the job should also be protected.

You also have an alternative which is more safe, sufficient and faster known as the GPR.  The GPR will help you detect tension cables and other things in the concrete such as the pipeline.   Structures like the towers and bridges can employ this process of using the radar only if the concrete is not exceeding 18 inches in thickness.   The GPR system produces image, and any problem noticed will be seen.

On the advantages, you will find that despite the health threats it poses, the X-ray is better than the GPR.  Using the X-ray enables a person to identify even the smallest items or fractures in the wall.  This is because with an X-ray you can use the computer in fluoroscopy, radiotherapy and tomography. This is among where you sometimes want to use the X-ray over the ground penetrating radar.

Looking at the price is also a comparative difference that defines why a particular technology is used.   The Irvine Concrete X-Ray scanner is usually more expensive than the concrete radar.

The GPR has also been lately improved and the software that is being used can be manipulated, and easy processing of image is enabled.   A lot of individuals now prefer this method because it is also not expensive.   It is convenient in many areas except those that are wet because they are less effective.

When you have a job that requires some bit of cutting or drilling or even coring, using an X-ray scanner will be beneficial over using the GPR.  The reason is that the scanner will provide a clear image for the whole project.  Utility location and detecting leakage will assist you in seeing your area in all faces.  It is prudent to go for the company that will have the latest equipment for such a project.  Experts should be the one that handles your projects.


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